LOOK: Astronaut Thomas Pesquet Celebrates St. “Patrick’s” Day by Tweeting Stunning Photo of Ireland From Space


While whatever is left of humankind is observing St. Patrick’s Day on Earth, space traveler Thomas Pesquet honored this day by catching heavenly pictures of Ireland and the planet from space.

“Cheerful #StPatricksDay Spectacular #Dublin, Ireland caught by @thom_astro from @Space_Station. Appreciate the #StPatricksFest Parade down there!” said a tweet of ISS leader and NASA space traveler Shane Kimbrough.

The shocking photograph demonstrates Ireland’s capital, Dublin, resembling a goliath sparkling butterfly. It was taken by French space explorer Pesquet, who has been remaining for four months now at the International Space Station.

Aside from the astounding picture of Dublin, Pesquet has made a side interest of shooting Earth from space. Utilizing a Nikon D4 camera, Pesquet takes picture of nations around the globe as the ISS circles the planet like clockwork, Yahoo reports. The European Space Agency space explorer has treated fans with amazing photographs of the Northern Lights, which he snapped amid his lunch.

Pesquet likewise exploited his stay at the ISS to photo a portion of the colossal miracles of the world, for example, the Great Wall of China, Pyramids of Giza and the Grand Canyon, just from an alternate point of view.

Space travelers have thought of various approaches to observe St. Patrick’s Day all through history. As per Space.com, in 2013, Chris Hadfield recorded his version of the conventional Irish tune, “Danny Boy,” while in 2011, Cady Coleman played a 100-year-old Irish Flute.


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