ICJ stays hanging of Indian spy Kulbhushan Yadav till final decision


THE HAGUE: The World Court on Thursday requested Pakistan not to execute an Indian subject indicted spying until it has had sufficient energy to hear a contention from India that Pakistan damaged a global arrangement ensuring political help to nonnatives blamed for capital wrongdoings.

The court, formally known as the International Court of Justice, is the U.N’s. court for hearing debate amongst states and its decisions are official.

At the center of the debate is the destiny of Kulbhushan Sudir Yadav, a previous officer in the Indian naval force who was captured in March 2016 from Balochistan.

India contends Yadav was wrongly indicted for spying, while Pakistan says his lawful procedure is progressing and Pakistan has met its commitments under the Vienna Treaty on Consular Relations.

“It is fitting for the court to request that Pakistan take all measures available to its to guarantee Mr Yadav is not executed under the watchful eye of this court has given its official choice”, said managing judge Ronny Abraham, perusing the court’s consistent choice.


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