How to keep your mind active-6 easy steps


Heath is the most precious blessing of God.Everyone wants a healthy body and a healthy mind.But some times our routine misfit with it.There are many ways to keep your mind on track but you can act upon these tricks to have good stamina.

The best way to keep yourself fit and your mind active is to fall in love with literature.Books are best companion ever.When you are habitual of reading books you need no friends.

The more you keep your social circle small the more your mind will be relaxed.For mental fitness aim for atleast 30 minutes of physical activity everyday.Morning walk and exercise increase the stamina of our body and soul.

Take your meal at proper times in a day and sleep well at suitable hours.So, the simple steps are:

  1. Keep learning
  2. Playing mind games
  3. Eat healthy
  4. Sleep well at night for suitable hours
  5. Daily exercise
  6. Try to sit in the beauty of nature

If a normal person act upon all these steps in his/her daily routine it can help a lot to keep their mind active.Repitition is the most important thing to do, the more you repeat these steps the more it will help you to buid your stamina.


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