Crispy Cutlets-Must try it Once




  1. Beef mince: 1KG
  2. Bread: 2 slice
  3. Breadcrumbs:  1 cup
  4. Egg: One
  5. Fresh coriander (finely cut): ½ bunch
  6. Green chilies (finely cut): 4
  7. Black paper crushed: 1tpsp
  8. Milk (fresh): ½ kg
  9. Butter: 1tpsp
  10. Refind flour: 3 tpsp
  11. Salt: to taste
  12. Oil: for frying
  13. Mayo garlic sauce: to taste



  1. Mix salt in mice and cook till it dry,add bread and chopp it in a chopper.
  2. Heat butter in a pot and fry flour, remove it from the flam.
  3. Keep it aside and let it cool now.Add milk into it and now cook it till it becomes thick.Add it into mince and mix it well.
  4. Add coriander, green chillies and black papper and shape it into small cutlets.
  5. Coat it first with egg then breadcrumbs.
  6. Heat oil in a frying pan and fry cutlets till it turn into a golden shade.Its ready now.Serve it with garlic mayo sauce.
  7. All you need to make mayo sauce is mayo and ketchup. You can also add some water or milk into it.
  8. Do mix mayo and ketchup well but be careful about quantity that must be equal.Now do add some water into it.You can also add a pinch of black paper to taste.Thats it.Enjoy your meal.


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