Chocolate Cake-Mouth watering recipe



1.Unsalted butter-175 gram

2.Caster suger 275gram

3.Egg- 2

4.Vanilla essence-2 tbsp

5.sour cream-1/2 cup

6.Flour- 200 GRAM

7.bakibg soda-1/2 tbsp

8.Cocoa powder- 50 gram

9.Hot water-125ML

For syrup:

Cocoa powder- 1tbsp

Water-125 ml

Caster suger- 100 gram


Preheat oven to 180 degree C and line tin.

Take a bowl , beat butter with the help of a beater,now add two eggs,cream and vanilla essence.Beat the mixture well till smooth.

Take a separat bowl do add flour into it Cocoa powder and boiling water and mix it well till it turns to a smooth mixture.

Put this mixture into prepared tin and bake or 40 minutes.

Put cocoa into a pan and suger , now boil it for five minutes till you cal feel its consistency.

Let the cake cool on a cooling rack .

Now do add that hot syrup onto it gradually so that it absorbes into the cake.

Let the cake become complete cold.Now decorate it by using dry chocolate or whatever things you do like to eat.


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