Cheesey Bread Finger New Asian Recipes




  1. Bread cuts 12
  2. Cheddar cheese 1 cup(grated)
  3. Spring onion 2 medium (finally chopped)
  4. Dark peppers 1/2 T. sp.
  5. Chicken powder 1/2 T sp.
  6. Salt To 1/2ts
  7. Egg 2
  8. Oil for broiling




1: First cut the edges of the considerable number of cuts and crush those edges to make scraps.

2: Next take a bowl and put ground cheddar, hacked spring onion, dark pepper, chicken powder, and salt together.

3: Now press the bread cut with the assistance of moving pin, include the filling it and move it painstakingly.

4: After that move first in egg at that point in morsels.

5: warm oil and profound broil, till brilliant.

6: yummy gooey bread fingers are prepared to serve.

7: Serve hot with stew garlic sauce.


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